"Cliche" proposes to disclose, define, and date – and in the long run archive – received ideas prevalent over the past decade, both in the professional and academic realms, in order to ultimately open up otherwise precluded possibilities for architectural design and architectural theory. To that end, it focuses on design operations and conceptual strategies,
particularly in terms of the means of representation and the lexicon through which they are respectively articulated.

This project takes as precedent Gustave Flaubert’s unfinished project, Le dictionnaire des idées reçues. Just as the latter, it sets out to detect and collect received ideas and provide definitions – or, rather, a user’s manual – so as to render them self-evident and thereby undermine their perpetuation.

Yet as opposed to the latter, arguably an inventory of potential exclusions, this project also seeks to use – or, rather, to misuse – that collection of received ideas towards the formulation of other design operations and other conceptual strategies