The renovation of this mid-century modern house consisted of updating many essential elements, such as electrical, plumbing, new roof, and structural modifications to secure the building. The owner additionally wanted to renovate the kitchen, 5 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, add a plunge pool, and office space. The home, originally built in the 1950's, had undergone several additions and renovations.  Consequently, our goal for this project was not only to unify the space within the house aesthetically, but also to meet the 21st century needs of this young family. 

     Our primary concept for the residence was to develop a central core that would house, the guest bathroom, laundry room, utility room, butlers' pantry and kitchen. This allowed for the space around the central core to have specific functions related to each program within the core, but at the same time, not become solely linked to a single use. The other concept that we wanted to emphasize was the view of the property. The existing house utilized large windows and low ceilings to draw your view to the exterior. We then worked with these elements in order to modify the preexisting structure, and to shape the surrounding landscape to further emphasize the view.