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design process-

Our design process follows a specific set of phases that adhere to the American Institute of Architect's guidelines.   Our architecture is built with our clients over a period of time adhearing to the phases listed below;


Pre-Design Phase

-Assembly of Site Drawings

-Coordination of Potential Professional Team

-Review Reference Images from Clients

-Meet with Clients to Review Scope

Schematic Design Phase

-Begin Design Sketches

-Present Multiple Layout Options and Renderings of Each Space

-Present Models to Convey Ideas if Necessary

-Meetings to Review Proposals and Client Needs

Design Development Phase

-Develop Computer Drawings of Project

-Develop Details of Custom Items within Project

-Re work Renderings and Visual-aids for Clients

-Meetings to Review Progress and Changes as Necessary

-Work with Selection of Materials, Products, and Finish Selections

Construction Document Phase

-Make Dimensioned Plans and Exterior/Interior Views Indicating all Material

-Draw, Dimension and Describe in Words all Construction, Structural, and Finishing Details   for Exterior and Interior

-Make Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Cooling Drawings and Details

-Coordinate Specification Book

Construction Administratoin Phase

-Review Construction Schedule

-Make Site Visits once a Week or as Necessary

-Keep and Issue Minutes for all Field Meetings

-Review Contractor’s Requests for Payment

-Review all Change Orders

-Perform a Final Inspection and Develop a Punch List