folly 2014


Snagged Stitch” represents a snag in the regularity of the urban grid where an anomaly of behavior can occur. The structure relates to the existing foliage, but at the same time bridges the entry, enticing people to pause and explore, generating a link or stitch. This relationship between passage space and relaxation space is something that “Stitch” attempts to tie together as a programmatic gesture. 

The structure is comprised of a series of standard steel ribs bolted together and embedded in concrete, while the fabric hammocks are composed of durable canvas which are secured to the steel structure. This simple use of material further emphasizes our underlying concept of connection through emphasizing the cross-stitch into a snag form. 

This competition posed several difficult constraints including the preparation of a realistic budget, and the need to have the designer build the final structure. This allowed for us to have a unique challenge to bridge our conceptual design ideas with the real life practicalities of building.