kiosk chicago

Our objective in designing the kiosk was to reflect the architecturally significant history of Chicago. The lakefront while distinctive from an urban planning perspective was somewhat of a blank slate in terms of the architecture that exists within it. Our kiosk’s design objective was simple, find a way of linking the way city’s architecture interacts with the void of the park/lake, and draw the urban culture to it. While the park has a vibrant activity during the day, we strove to find a way that our kiosk could act as a programmatic hot spot during the night and winter time periods. The resulting kiosk has the ability to perform not only as a space that offers needed amenities such as, café’s, wine bars, and sports related programming, but also offers itself to public interaction. The design of the kiosk offers additional functions such as space for; concerts, movies, and other interactive programming. 

In the afternoon the architecture along the lakefront casts shadows along the shoreline, which became the inspiration for our design. The multiplicity of these shadows, due to the urban grid configuration, allowed us to extrapolate different layered curtains that represent each block’s distinctive shadow. These curtains not only spatially and geometrically mimic the city, but also create a space that is unique and filters light much in the same way the city of Chicago does. Our kiosk utilizes these curtains to create a space that generates the same shadow type, thus intricately blending it with the existing urban context while allowing its formal geometry to stand alone. 

Our final goal was to make the kiosk integrated not just with the architecture of Chicago, but also with the neighborhood that it is located near, thus the kiosk can reflect its context through the use of light. During the day the kiosk naturally reflects the context, the mirrored quality of the chains and glass reflect and emphasis its surroundings. At night the kiosk is lit by led’s that can change color based on the qualities of the neighborhood and time of year.