lara apartments

URA Hotels approached us to renovate an existing establishment that was built in the 1980's.  Our priority was to bring up to date the existing infrastructure while developing a concept that reflected the surrounding environment.   

The property, located on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean offered us a opportunity to re-orient the experience of the establishment focusing on the views.   Our first move was to develop the pool, and spa closer to the exiting built conditions, this then allowed for us to use the remaining open space as a series of viewing platforms.  The user is now able to navigate these different viewing zones to appreciate not only the water of the hotel, but also the natural surroundings which are now emphasized.   

The renovation of the rooms also followed this logic, layering the private and public zones.  The private spaces were placed in the rear of the apartments while the more public spaces were brought towards the balcony where the user could enjoy the visual engagement with the natural surroundings. 

Status:  Complete