manhattan building


This renovation began as an investigation of a unique unit which was situated in the iconic Manhattan Building, the oldest surviving skyscraper in the world that uses a purely skeletal supporting structure. The owners requested that we develop a design that opened the existing 2 bedroom space and brought it into the 21st century. 

The concept for our design revolved around the investigation of "loft living." We developed a component matrix of items that are typically found within this residential typology and applied them to this space. A early 1990's renovation had lowered the ceilings of the space three feet to incorporate forced air, and had divided the large 1500 sqft space into the typical suburban layout. Our first move was to remove walls, and open the ceiling allowing for more light to pass into the space. The new layout took into consideration the need for a grand entrance and screening systems that we custom designed to physically separate space while maintaining a open visual connection. Materials that were chose for this project were rough, and industrial bringing the high design furniture of the client into an industrial gallery like setting.