politics of interaction

Chicago Architecture Foundation’s mission is to “inspire people to discover why design matters”, we felt it was important to generate an architecture that reflected that philosophy. Our proposal takes a democratic approach to the program and layout of the spaces allowing the building to operate as a single organism with multiple programs. 

The building itself also adheres to a democratic principal of equality, allowing the floor plates, structure, glass, and circulation to operate independently of each other, blurring the line between inside and out while still generating enclosed spaces. This decomposition of the building allows for the occupant to become aware of the components of architecture and the power of composition through design. This slippage of components in particular the floor plates allows for exterior and interior exhibition space to interact visually with the public whether they choose to enter the space or not. 

The programs that need less visual connectivity can utilize the secondary skin system of operable screens. These screens can be placed for privacy or simply as projection space for exterior events, thus becoming components that are shared throughout the building depending on programmatic need.