sukkah city 2010


Walls as an architectural construction are nothing but a buildup of lines. Lines annotate a language of construction as well as use in the architectural setting. This project attempts to integrate the line as an annotation into a built reality. The Sukkah allows for a reading of line through the most basic architectural element, the wall. 

The wall not only makes the Sukkah a space of interiority, but also plays with the ideas of exterior and interior. This blurring between outside and in begins to be reflected in our Sukkah walls.... through the break down of the architectural construction of “wall.” Our proposal attempts to question the idea of wall through a changing density of layered materials, as program activates the Sukkah the wall is transformed. When a specific program is in use the walls are activated and respond by producing furniture and at the same time a shading roof structure. Conversely the walls when the Sukkah is not in use become compacted.... and easy to place within any site.